Color Healing Chart

Home / Alt Medicine 18 Aug, 2020

The Color Healing Chart is designed to suggest links between colors, body energies, color effects, chakra centers, and crystals.

The original seven colors of the spectrum have been expanded to include shades, as well as rays like silver.

Guided by the way you feel, you will be able to choose the appropriate colors to help you, as well as select useful crystals. Some of these correspondences may be surprising. Black, for example, often has an undeserved negative association, but it can have quite a different meaning. In many healing traditions such as that of the Native Americans, for example, black is simply seen as the complemenet to white. Observing the night sky, the darkness creates the shadow that lets the light of the stars appear like diamonds on black velvet.

Native Americans teachings revere the darkness as the source of mystery, the place from which all new things are born.
Every creation myth on Earth relates the origin of the planet to a time of dark fromlessness, out of which came light.

Here are some examples of showing how you can use the chart below.
If you feel cold and lacking in energy, you will see that red is a warming color and garnets are suggested. You can either find some red in your wardrobe, or try wearing the crystal or meditating on it.

If you're afraid of change, try wearing or meditating with labradorite. If you want to expand a relationship, wear amber colors or wear the stone.

If you find yourself using a lot of one particular stone or color, then that chakra clearly needs energizing.