Natural Remedies for Allergies

Home / Alt Medicine 27 Aug, 2020 Medically Reviewed by Jennifer Adams, MD

Have you ever had hay fever, or simply allergies related to something currently in bloom? Well don't run to the doctor who will only push drugs on you! Try these natural remedies which are safer, healthier, and maybe even more effective! Many of these following herbs are for mild cases of allergic reactions, so if you are having a very severe reaction then it may be in your best interest to seek the help of a physician or herbal practitioner (who may prescribe something more powerful, such as ephedra). It is also important to consider what may be in your diet that is affecting your health. Some people are very allergic to such things as dairy products, eggs, sugar, white flour or other flour, very fatty foods, alcohol, or other products.

Taking an infusion or tea of nettle, daily, for several months, can help relieve general allergies. In fact, in the first century AD, a Greek physician named Dioscorides listed nettle as being great for this very purpose, along with treating nosebleeds and skin conditions.

Drinking a tea/decoction and drinking a couple cups a day can help with general allergies. You can grow it yourself, like they do in China where it is very popular, because it only grows to about 3 or so feet high and has beautiful purple flowers.

Used especially for hay fever, Elderflower can be taken as a tea and drank 2 or 3 times a day. It is also especially beneficial to drink this tea before the hay fever season begins to help protect yourself from developing the sickness. Growing as a tree, the elderflower has a rich history. But richest of all is it's popularity as a medicinal treatment when it comes not only to allergies but also coughs and colds, arthritis, and even diarrhea.

If you are experiencing a lot of mucus with your allergy, eyebright may be just what you need. Drinking a tea made with Eyebright is a great remedy. It is a common annual flower in Europe, and (as its name suggests) can also help when it comes to eye problems because it is known to tighten the mucous membranes of the eye and relieves inflammation.

Drinking Echinacea tea is a great way to combat an allergy, especially if you are producing mucus. It is also known as coneflower or purple coneflower, and is a common plant for gardeners. It is used for infections of all kinds, but especially when it comes to allergies and asthma.