What is Ozone Therapy?

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Ozone therapy is a form of medical treatment that increases the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone into the body. Various methods have been suggested on the method of introducing the ozone into the body, and the purported benefits of this therapy include the treatment of various diseases including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, among others.

Ozone is a water-soluble gas that is a very powerful antibacterial, germicidal, and anti-fungicidal agent. Ozone causes other substances to consume oxygen, which is nature’s great purifier, cleanser and detoxified.

If ozone could be patented, it would be considered the greatest discovery in the history of medicine. It is faster acting than the pharmaceutical industries most powerful antibiotic, drug, or chemotherapy agents. Ozone kills harmful bacteria, viruses, cancers, fungi, candida, pathogens, morbific waste materials and toxins by attaching to them, neutralizing, oxidizing, chewing them up, annihilating them and then spitting them out. They cannot live in an ozone rich environment. Ozone is a super oxygen.

Unlike drugs, antibiotics and chemotherapy agents, ozone kills only the bad guys (bad cells) without harming the good guys (healthy cells). Drugs suppress, compromise and destroy the immune system. Ozone supports, restores, revitalizes and boosts the immune system. Don’t expect to hear this fact on medical news.

Ozone is such a powerful purifier that it is capable of converting raw sewage into pure drinking water. Can you imagine a better purifying agent? Why hasn’t your doctor told you about the benefits of ozone?

Over 100 major cities in Europe have been using ozone rather than toxic chemicals and harmful substances in their drinking water. Most people hearing this information for the first time think that ozone purification may be something new or experimental. Would you be surprised to know that many European cities have been using ozone for over a century?

European swimmers refuse to compete in the U.S. swim pools that are not ozonated.

They claim American chemicalized swim pools are not only detrimental to their health, but they cut performance up to 30%.

The establishment has done much harm in confusing ozone with toxic smog. They have intentionally created a term “ozone count” and have associated it with pollution. It’s amazing what false ideas can be established, over time, in people’s minds, by the media. Most Americans associate ozone with pollution, as if it was something bad, rather than what it is, a super oxygen, life’s most essential element. Most elements take years, even decades, to manifest themselves in a named medical condition. Brain cells become irreversibly destroyed in minutes in the absence of oxygen.

Ozone is nature’s great purifier. Negatively charged ozone electrons are naturally attracted to positive charged pollutants. Ozone is always found near smog because it dehydrogenates hydrocarbons. In its role as nature’s great purifier it is always attacking pollutants.

Ozone Therapy Side Effects

Listed below are the most common side effects of ozone therapy

- Accidental inhalation may lead to minor symptoms like burning of eyes, coughing, nausea or vomiting, or mild headache in very sensitive individual.
- Rectal administered ozone may very rarely give mild discomfort, a feeling of passing gas, gurgling, or mild cramps. This is all temporary, mild and passes quickly.
- Sometimes a patient may have a Herxheimer (Healing) Reaction (detoxification & healing symptoms) during which a patient may feel flu-like symptoms or feel a bit worse temporarily; this improves on continuation of therapy. This is not an Ozone side effect but a natural healing process seen in other modalities as well.

Positive Side Effects of Ozone Therapy

Some of the positive side effects that may occur are primary improvements in the target health condition but patients may also experience secondary, positive side effects of ozone therapy such as:
- Hair and nails grow stronger, longer and faster
- Skin radiates and takes on a healthy glow
- More physical energy
- Ability to fall asleep faster and easier and reports of more restful sleep
- Needing less sleep