What is The Hindu Push-up?

The Hindu Push-up. Either the Hindu push-up or the dive bomber, both about the same with 1 small change, are simply outstanding. Here's how you do it.

Starting position ---- Get into a pushup position. Hands about shoulder width apart. Now, raise your butt into the air and spread your feet wide with the soles of your feet touching the floor. Move back so that your hands are about a foot in front of your head.

Slowly lower your body and your head kind of goes thru your hands - into a push-up position, but keep going forward. When you go as far forward as you can, begin to raise your head and shoulders into the air. This is where the push-ups vary.

On the Hindu pushup, you simply press back and return to the starting position. On the dive bomber, you go in reverse, lowering your body and sliding back, then pushing up to the starting position.

Which is the most effective? Well - they are both effective and you should try both to see which you prefer. I prefer the dive bomber, as I feel it works your muscles even harder with the additional push-up. See what you think.