Can Lying Still Create Rock Hard Abs?

If you've ever heard of isometric exercises you probably know the answer. The exercise I'm referring to stimulates your core muscles while in a static position. This position is held isometrically instead of completing typical crunches or sit-ups.

The name of this amazing exercise is called the plank and it is a whole lot harder to hold than it looks. I remember the first time I tried this one, my whole body was shaking!
Here’s how to complete it:
1. Lie your body face down on the ground
2. Push up from your forearms and the balls of your feet
3. Hold your body in a straight static position for up to 60 seconds

Tips to remember:
1. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet and forearms
2. Make sure your weight is equally distributed
3. Keep your head looking down at the mat throughout the entire exercise
4. Do not let your hips drop below parallel to the ground
5. Do not hold your breath
6. Keep your core muscles tight the entire time

If you want a smaller, tighter, and rock solid waist-line you have to add "the plank" into your current routine - it's a must have!
Go ahead and give it a try right now!