Myths About Fitness

There may be Millions of people around the world spending hours in fitness clubs or homes exercising to remain fit but still there are number of myths that still do exist in the minds about fitness. There are many myths that are going on since a number of years and have become a belief but are not correct fully. One of the myths about fitness is that fitness helps in increasing the height. This myth may be true to a certain limit but there are many more factors that affect the growth of the body like hormonal aspect.

Generally human body is capable of growing till the age of 18 years and after that the growth in the body stops. When a human body is young, the bones in the body are made up of growth plates or cartilage. Cartilage is an elastic substance and at a younger age, the composition of cartilage in the bone is very high which if grows increases the length of the bones affecting the overall height of the human body. As the human body starts growing old more cartilage start forming solid and as a result adults have stronger bones than young ones. The only way to artificially increase the height of the human body is to go for surgery where the length of bones is increased artificially. Fitness helps in the growth of the body but fitness itself doesn't do it. The only way is to improve the posture of the body, take a balanced diet which provides the essential nutrients to the body required for the proper growth of the body.

Another myth is that exercising at home does work but doing the same at a fitness club can does wonders. The reality is that regular exercising is required for fitness where even going to a gym with irregular exercising won't help. In today's world everybody doesn't has the luxury of going to fitness clubs and moreover every human body has different needs and composition so a professional trainer can be hired to get a chart made for the exercises and diet. Following the exercise chart surely works with the fitness of a body. Many people around the world believe that yoga is only meant for the aged people and doesn't help in reducing the fat in the body or the fitness of the body.
Whereas many researches have proven that yoga has long lasting affects on the body which improves the respiratory system and digestive system of the body as well as providing resistance to the body against infections. There are many exercises in yoga which are very rigorous and require a lot of energy. Yoga should always be done under professional training in order to be safe and keep yoga effective. All the above mentioned myths about fitness exists in the world even today but many researches have proved the myths to be wrong and thus thinking should be changed and steps should be taken in order to get fitness with professional assistance.