Why Does My Hair Have Split Ends?

Split ends, or as the hair experts call it, trichoptilosis, is a common problem for many people. Split ends occur when the protective cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair. The hair will then split into two or more strands. Some people claim that the split can be repaired, but the experts know that this is a myth. Once the damage has occurred, the best way to deal with it is by using a pair of scissors.

Split ends may occur for a variety of reasons. Although the hair care industry is a huge market, many of the trends and processes involved contribute to split ends. If you dye your hair often, you may find that you have a problem with split ends. Hair dryers with a high heat setting or hair straighteners can also cause this type of damage.

Similarly, overexposure to the sunís heat can cause the hair to split. Excessive washing with follicle stripping shampoos will not do the hair shaft any good either. The problem may be as simple as using the wrong type of comb or brush for your hair type, or your hair may simply be in need of a good trim.

Hair specialists can employ a number of different methods to combat split ends. One of the simplest ways is to have your hair trimmed at regular intervals. If your hair is long, this is particularly important. Split ends sometimes occur because the protective hair oils do not reach the end of the hair shaft, causing it to split. Having a regular trim will cut out the split ends and keep your hair manageable.

Hair salons provide the best types of shampoo and conditioner for your hair. The ingredients in professional shampoos are much kinder to hair than those in cheaper shampoos. Cheaper shampoos contain a lot of silicon designed to make the hair shiny, but it also strips the hair of essential oils and nutrients.

Likewise, the number of times a week you shampoo may be contributing to your split ends. There is much debate over how many times a week hair should be washed. Most experts claim that daily washing will strip the hair of its oils. If you need to shampoo every day, make sure that you use a professional, gentle cleanser.

If you use a gym regularly or swim in chlorinated water, make sure to wash your hair after each session. Salt from the workout sweat and chlorine are very damaging to the hair. The conditioner you use is also important in preventing split ends. Deep conditioners are advised, and treatments such as tea tree oil will help minimize damage to the hair.