What is Sugar Diab-X?

Diab-X is a supplement that, at first, appears to be marketed as a natural cure for diabetes and high blood sugar. But statements on its website give me the impression that it’s also supposed to be a diet and weight loss supplement. Since diabetes (type II diabetes) is linked to gaining weight, I understand why these statements are eluded to but for those who don’t’ know, I want to review Diab-X so that you understand what it is and isn’t. That way you can decide if this is right for you.

What Type of Diabetes Do You Have?

The Diab X website (diab-x.com) makes it seem like its is a “natural cure” for diabetes. But what type of diabetes do you have.? If you have type I diabetes, Diab-X is NOT A CURE. Currently there is no “cure” for type I diabetes. You should never take Diab-X in place of the insulin your doctor prescribes for you.
I need to say this because the Diab-X website does not say it. Diab-X is being marketed to Type II diabetics and people with pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome). People with type II diabetes are often overweight and many do not exercise. Some people with Type II diabetes may also take insulin as well as their diabetes gets worse. If you do not know what type of diabetes you have, ask your doctor. They know.

Diab X ingredients

According to the Diab X website, the product contains the following ingredients:

1. Garcinia cambogia (also called HCA – Hydroxy Citric Acid)
2. Chromium as Polynicotinate
3. Ginger root
4. Calcium
5. Potassium
6. Turmeric
7. Piper longum fruit
8. Piper nigrum fruit

Do Any Of Diab-X Ingredients Lower Blood Sugar?

1. Chromium. There are studies that chromium can lower blood sugar and even “AIC” levels in type II diabetics. One study also shows chromium may reduce the chances of type II diabetics gaining weight. This does not mean that chromium helps people lose weight. Chromium has been used in weight loss pills for years despite hardly any proof it helps people lose weight. There are many studies that show chromium supplements do not work. Here is of of many studies showing chromium does not help weight loss.

If you are going to try Diab X this is what I suggest.

1. Make sure you have the right type of diabetes (type II diabetes) first.
2. Talk to your doctor to make sure Diab-X won’t interfere with other drugs you may be taking
3. Get your blood sugar (and AIC) levels checked at by your doctor before taking Diab X
4. Keep taking your medications as you always do
5. About 3 months later get your blood sugar (and AIC) checked again by your doctor
6. See if anything changed at your next doctors visit.
7. Stop taking Diab-X if you notice any side effects and report them to your doctor immediately

Always continue to take all the medicine your doctor has given you. Remember Diab-X is NOT a cure for diabetes. It may help some with type II diabetes but any effects you see will be greater when its combined with a little exercise and eating healthy. They even say this on the Diab X website.