How To Increase Sperm Count?

For men who want to start a family, sperm count can be an important factor. Should you be diagnosed with a low sperm count, there are several things you can do to help your body begin to increase sperm count and improve your chances of becoming a father.

First, it is important to have a complete physical exam. This will allow your doctor to determine if there is some underlying health issue that is impacting the ability of your body to produce a normal level of sperm. Once it is determined there is no ongoing health condition that is at the root of your problem, you can move on to actively working to increase sperm count.
One of the first things you want to address is your personal habits. Along with all the other health risks, smoking can have a negative impact on the ability of the body to produce healthy amounts of sperm. Excessive consumption can also affect the way the liver functions, causing your body to produce more estrogen. If you want to increase your sperm count, eliminate tobacco usage from your life and keep your consumption of alcohol light to moderate.

Exercise is also important to increasing sperm count. At least thirty minutes of exercise each day stimulates all types of body functions, include the manufacture of sperm. As an added bonus, a body that is healthier also has a positive impact on the mind, meaning you are more likely to experience more pleasure from intimacy, in turn helping to motivate sperm production.
Your diet is also one of the most important ways to increase sperm count. Go with a low-fat diet and make sure you have plenty of protein. Fresh vegetables and whole grains contain nutrients your body needs to promote sperm production, so make sure you have an adequate amount each day. Keep in mind caffeine has an adverse effect on sperm production, so limit the amount of sodas, coffee, and tea you consume on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that a balanced diet and regular exercise will help to remove excess pounds. Less baggage means less of a strain on your body's vital systems, and will help to keep the ratio between your body's estrogen and testosterone levels in sync and thus increase sperm count.
Men who want to learn how to increase sperm count are often counseled to take a long hard look at their wardrobe. Clothing that is constricting in the crotch area can help raise the temperature around the testicles, which in turn negatively impacts the natural balance between testosterone and estrogen levels. Instead of heat-retaining synthetic jockey shorts, go with cotton boxers instead.

If there is an indication of a lack of essential nutrients in your system, consider herbal and vitamin supplements. There are a number of vitamins and minerals that help to support the natural production of sperm in the body. Restoring the levels of those nutrients to acceptable levels can make a big difference when you are attempting to increase sperm count.
Your doctor can advise you of the best methods to utilize, based on your individual health profile. While there are some exceptions, there is a good chance you can use all or at least a few of these tips to increase sperm count and have a better chance of becoming a father.