How Do I Make Homemade Hair Dye?

Commercial hair dyes may make coloring your hair easy, but at a price. They can be harsh on the hair, leaving it damaged and brittle. They may even pose a risk to your mental and physical health. If you want to spice up your life with a different hair color, but donít want to deal with a bunch of chemicals, consider homemade hair dye.

There are many different products that can be used to color your hair. Many of these items are probably in your kitchen right now. For example, you can use food coloring or powdered drink mix to color your hair temporarily. Made from such products, homemade hair dye can be used to produce everything from bright yellow to deep red or blue, without the unpleasant effects of typical hair dye chemicals. Kool-Aid drink mix is a popular favorite for making homemade hair dye in shocking colors.

Using powdered drink mix or food coloring to make homemade hair dye may require a certain amount of experimenting. Some hair types and colors may see less noticeable effects. Experienced Kool-Aid dye users often suggest bleaching darker hair before you attempt to color it.

If you are hoping to find a homemade hair dye to cover your greys, consider using sage and rosemary. Simply simmer sage and rosemary in water for about half an hour. Next, leave the mixture to steep for several hours. After the allotted time has passed, apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on until it is dry. Finally, rinse and dry your hair as usual. You may need to repeat this process on a weekly basis in order to obtain the shade you want.

Another homemade hair dye can be created using walnut husks and water. To make this dye, simply boil the husks in water for about 15 minutes. After boiling, strain the mixture and use the liquid to color your hair. This homemade hair dye is good for making brown hair darker.

There are tons of homemade hair dye recipes to be found on the Internet. A simple search can yield thousands of interesting ideas. Keep in mind that some recipes are meant to enhance your natural hair color or cover grey hair, while others are meant to provide a completely different look. Take the time to perform a bit of research and youíre sure to find a homemade hair dye recipe that is right for your hair, giving you freedom from toxic hair chemicals.