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Do Diet Pills Work?

Carb blockers, fat blockers, metabolic boosters, stress hormone blockers, and now now pills that create "internal balance". There is definitely truth to what many of these products are advertising. We as consumers probably do eat too much fat, too many carbs, too many processed foods that slow our metabolism. We lead stressed out lives that make our systems unbalanced and turn out bodies into fat storing blobs of low energy but will their clever little pills solve your problems? Deep down in your heart you know the answer to this is a big fat NO! The "latest scientific breakthrough" supplements will not melt away fat, boost lean muscle, or create a balanced environent that will automatically cause you to lose weight. The only thing they will do is give you a false sense of hope and waste your time and money.

Why Pills Don't Replace Healthy Eating
In order for your metabolism to function properly you must feed your body the right types of foods at the right times. This means eating lots of fruits and veggies plus moderate amounts of good fats, healthy carbs, and lean proteins. Sure, this isn't easy for most stressed out busy people but the fact is, it's the only thing that really works long term and no pill can really do that for you. You may see results from taking a pill initially but long term change comes from permanent dietary changes.

Why Pills Don't Replace Frequent Exercise
Pills also don't cause your body to burn a considerable amount of calories and most importantly they don't build fat burning muscle. They may elevate your heart rate but this doesn't cause your body to burn the number of calories necessary to lose weight. In fact people who exercise on a regular basis actually have much lower resting heart rates than those who don't and they can stand much tougher workouts than those who cycle on and off pills.

Why Pills Don't Relieve Stress
Sure a pill may be able to shuttle stress hormones away and block some of the fat storing that goes on when your body has high levels of cortisol but they are not really addressing the cause of your stress. Learning strategies that help you deal with the stressors that cause you to skip workouts, lose sleep, or overeat carbs & sugar is the key to being in control of your weight.