What is Hepar Sulph?

Hepar Sulf is derived from calcium sulfide.

Treatment Use
Hepar sulph is useful when any of the following are indicated.

Mental and emotional aspects
- Irritation over the slightest matter
- Quick to take offense
- Talks quickly when anxious
- Overreacts when angry
- Prone to bouts of sadness and depression

Physical Aspects
- All skin problems that gather pus and are slow to heal.
- Skin ulcers and bedsores.
- Acne and boils.
- Earache.
- Ear pain with a sore throat.
- Catarrh.
- Coughs that create a hoarse and dry throat.
- Cold sores, particularly around the eyes.
- Mouth ulcers.
- Influenza with sweating and sneezing.
- Cracked, dry lips.
- Perspiration that causes a bad odor, even when deodorant is used

- Better For warmth and for wrapping up and keeping the head warm
- Better For touch and the cold.

Treatment Tips
- A good remedy to use when conditions are slow to heal. Good for clearing infections and discharges.